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        包覆垫片Covering gasket


              The main purpose of the covering gasket is suitable for sealing the flange of larger diameter pressure vessels, such as heat exchangers and reactors. All kinds of media such as pumps, valves, pipes and flanges are sealed.Suitable for medium and low voltage conditions.

        波齿垫片Wave tooth gasket


              The wave tooth gasket is especially suitable for high temperature, high pressure and alternating condition conditions. It is an ideal substitute for the traditional metal coated gasket at the flange connection of the heatexchanger and the container.

        缠绕垫片Spiral Wound Gasket


              The spiral gasket is especially suitable for occasions with uneven load, easy joining force to relax, periodic change of temperature and pressure, impact or vibration. Spiral wound gasket is the ideal static seal for valves, pumps, heat ex changers, towers,manholes and hand holes.

        非金属垫片Nonmetal gasket


              It is mainly used in sealing of water, steam, oil, solvent, midpoint acid, alkali, and medium and low pressure flange.

        金属环垫片Metal ring gasket


              The metal ring gasket has three main characteristics: high temperature resistance and high pressure resistance. It is suitable for high pressure flange. The sealing is durable and reliable.

        金属平垫片Metal flat gasket


              The metal flat gasket is made of integral metal machined and used for sealing parts such as pressure vessels, towers, grooves and bonnets. There are aluminum flat pads, copper pads and stainless steel pads.

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